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Graduated Compression Socks in Marvelous styles ...coming soon!  Graduated Compression Socks are healthful and energizing to everyone, at work, play, and rest.   Browse our fun colours and styles, for men and women.  

We also sell Cryoderm, Voltarin, and Light Therapy Units for SAD and regulating day/night cycles.


How Does Laser Work?

"Laser light with differing wavelengths and duration penetrates soft tissue to deliver energy directly to injured tissue cells. The effect is beneficial for injured skin, muscle, ligaments, tendons, nerves, cartilage and bone. About 10% are “fast responders” and notice rapid improvement of pain reduction and swelling. In Canada, thousands of patients have been helped by laser therapy since 1997. The laser treatment itself is not painful. Some patients note a sensation of “warmth” during therapy with the red light treatment head. Laser is delivered via “treatment heads”, or arrays of lasers, plus deep penetrating, focused laser “probes” to reach deeper injured tissue.

Laser reduces pain and swelling in affected joints, and helps both elderly patients with chronic arthritis, and young athletes with acute joint or muscle sprains. A series of 5- 8 treatments is often prescribed following diagnosis. Often the patient notices a minor change after 3-4 treatments, and then a major improvement follows in 80-85% of treated patients. A few patients notice a major benefit after only 2 or 3 laser treatments, which can be dramatic.

Laser uses the BioFlex system, a Canadian innovation, and reflects 20 years of research & development and clinical practice. The BioFlex laser system is used throughout Canada and the U.S., and is used in Europe and Asia."

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