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Relieving Pain and Restoring Function

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Sports Injuries
Chronic Pain
Quit Smoking Program
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We have many years of experience with low intensity laser therapy and look forward to helping you!    

Pain Relief

Welcome to Lindsay Laser!  Looking for state-of-the-art natural healing that's Health Canada approved?  

We are doctor recommended for pain relief and healing.

Here, we treat patients with knee, back, foot and shoulder issues, to name a few.   Low Intensity Laser Therapy is gentle and effective for many chronic situations.  Let us help you with natural relief from pain and mobility problems that lasts.    Laser is the treatment of choice for many medical applications. 

Injury Repair

Sports injuries,  soft tissue problems and musculoskeletal damage can limit activity and take a long time to heal.  Low intensity Laser stimulates the body to repair itself effectively and correctly, and gets you back to your active life sooner!

".... I used to have to lay on my right side every night, my left shoulder was so painful.  After 8 treatments I can move it fully again and I'm back to work.  Laying on it doesn't hurt anymore."   

Quit Smoking

Getting (and staying) fit can be fun
Nothing's more important than good health. And you want to do everything you can to keep it. We make it easier to completely get rid of the habit and become smoke-free.

Your first visit, about 1.5 hours in length, lets you relax with quiet music, dim lighting, and a comfortable recliner, while we apply specialized laser therapy and stimulate the body to produce its own endorphins to reduce the cravings.  Laser also speeds detoxification.

It's natural, pain-less, VERY effective (about 82%) and doesn't add new drugs into your body.  Our goal is psychological as well as physical freedom from addiction.  

Package includes:
  • (non)smoker's handbook
  • three one-hour sessions of specialized laser therapy to particular acupressure points, particularly on the ears, hands, knees, and feet
  • support and counseling
  • certificate of success
  • herbal supplements
  • free follow-up care including another session if needed!

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Low Level Laser Therapy medically approved?
Yes, Health Canada approves LILT.   Low Level Laser Therapy is a non-medical procedure. As such, it is covered by some insurance plans. Many medical doctors do refer their patients. Lindsay Laser uses CSA-approved laser equipment.

Worldwide thousands of professional health care providers use Low Level Lasers in their practices.

Is Low Level Laser Therapy safe?
Absolutely, Low Level Laser Therapy is completely safe, painless and drug-free. Certified Low Level Laser therapists use only approved proprietary protocols.

How long does a Low Level Laser Therapy session take?

A typical session takes about an hour.   While inexpensive, several treatments will probably be needed in sequence to complete the therapy, after which most people remain well.

What is Laser Therapy?

Calling DIYers

Low Intensity Laser Therapy uses  superluminous and laser diodes to irradiate abnormal tissue with photons; these particles of energy are absorbed by a variety of micro-molecules resulting in the conversion of light into biochemical energy. Multiple positive physiological responses are thereby initiated and normal cell morphology and function is restored.

What's a Session Like?
It's painless and relaxing!  You might like a cup of tea and a magazine while you sit or lie for the treatment.   Special glasses protect your eyes.  The lights might be slightly warm....
We aim for excellent patient care.
How quickly will I see progress?
After 3 treatments, you'll likely see a difference. 
(usually 10-15 treatments are needed for full results)
In most cases, the issue is 80-100% solved - healing, not just pain relief!
How do I make an Appointment?
Call 705-324-4567.  If you have a referral, take this with you when you come.  Your first visit will include a consultation, ensuring we've heard you and know your needs.  

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